Services We Provide

ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Services
Precision Laboratory Inc. offers ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Services. We offer 17025 accredited calibration services which can be available on-site (Customer's site) or off-site (Precision Lab site). Our Laboratory has been recognized by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). Our team of qualified technicians work in a controlled environment to produce precise, accurate test and calibration data. We measure the relative humidity and temperature on every calibration. Precision Laboratory calibrates equipment using performance test to give the best possible results.
Certificate, Calculation Results and test instrument sticker
Every 17025 accredited calibration comes with your calibration results sheet displaying each specification, the Lo-limit and Hi-Limit of each specification and their results, the uncertainty percentage and if that specification has a "pass" or "fail".
ISO/IEC 17025
Calibration Sticker
Calibration Sticker
Test and Measurement Instrument Calibration.
We offer a calibration calculation sheet with every traceable calibration. Post calibration, the instrument will be provided with a calibration certificate number and a tag reminding you of the next calibration date.
Differences Between Our Services.
Traceable to NIST Yes Yes
Uncertainty - Yes
Certificate Yes Yes
Calculation Results Yes Yes
Calibration Sticker Yes Yes
Controlled Enviorment Yes Yes
Performance Testing Yes Yes
Precision Lab Inc. provide repair and calibration services both in our facility and "on-site".
SAMPLE LIST of equipment, Precision Lab Inc is capable of repairing and calibrating:
Physical Properties
Caliper Micrometer Temperature/Humidity Chamber
Thermometer Pull Tester Pressure Transducer
Height Gauge Torque Wrench Weigh Scale
Surface Plate Torque Tools(manual, pneumatic/hydraulic, electric) Crimping Tools
Protractor Force Gauge Pin Gage
Plain Ring Gage Bore Gage Thread Gage
Thickness Gage Level Parallel Bar
V-block Angle Plate Rules
Measuring Tape Pin Retention Tester Timer/Stop Watch
Durometer Hardness Tester Roughness Tester
Pressure Gauge
Electrical AC/DC Low Frequency:
Nano Volt Meter Micro Ohm Meter Oscilloscope
Safety Analyzer Current Shunt Relay Test Set
Current Amplifier Pulse/Function Generator Ac Source
Power Supply Voltage Probe Hipot
Frequency Counter Multimeter Wrist Strap Tester
Voltage Divider Ammeter Wattmeter
LCR Delta ACQ Electric Load
Electrical AC/DC Low Frequency:
Directional Analyzer Signal Generator RF Attenuator
Waveguide Detector L/H Frequency Filter RF Amplifier
EMC Immunity Tester EFT Coupling/Decoupling Balun Transformer
Oscillatory Wave Generator Power Sensor Power Meter
Burst Pulse Generator Spectrum Analyzer